Re: Dangers of disease causing bacteria

The recent thread on pathogens in R/O water is very interesting to me from
both a personal perspective and as a aquarist. In the Feb. '97 issue of
FAMA there is a note in the "For What It's Worth" column concerning
Microbacterium marinum and how to avoid contracting it from your tank (if
it is in fact present in your tank). For those who don't know, this critter
causes painful growths on the hands and/or the forearms and can take months
heal, requiring long term antibiotic treatment. The preventative suggested
in the article is to wear rubber gloves while working in the tank.

I have had aquariums for over thirty years and have never (to my knowledge)
had any problems in this regard. How prevelant IS this problem and how
dangerous is this microorganism to someone with a weakened immune system?


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpp at inforamp_net