Re: Bacteria in DI/RO H20

Hi All
Just my two cents worth on baterial growth in tanks and in RO/DI
First: even in the purest H20 (ie double distilled & ion
exchanged) bugs can grow by getting nourishment housed within microscopic
cracks in the storage container walls etc. The only way to
prevent this is to utilize rigid sterile techniques. Second: Nasty
pathogens like Legionella require water yes, but they became
problematic because of the building ventilation innoculating the
"medium" with airborne proteins from people's exhaled breath and
other growth goodies picked up in the air. It was also winter
time so the building became a kind of huge petri plate. Lastly
all microenvironments both inside and outside of living organisms
are the battle grounds for good and bad bacteria. Our aquariums
are no exception. I can only think of the most vile conditions
where our tanks might pose a hazard to us. And by then no fish or
plants would porbably be alive anyway. So could Legionella ever
proliferate in the plant tanks that we all maintain (or at least
aspire)? No. The conditions favour "good" bacteria which would
outcompete the baddies for the existing nutrients. The same
applies inside fish or us. Keep healthy and the bad bugs will not
I guess this was slightly more than 2 cents worth. But it's a
slow day.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta (-20C again :-( )