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> Subject: Apple Snails and Ich
> Sorry to be off topic but figured some people on the list will keep apple
> or mystery snails in their planted tanks and may know the answer.  

I keep Apple snails (Ampullaria) in my aquaterrarium which I guess qualifies
as a planted tank.

>I've a
> slight case of ich in one tank and wonder if apple snails are infected by
> or carry ich? 

No. Snails do not carry ich nor can  they be infected by it.  It is parasitic
on fish only. 

>I plan to treat by raising the temp to 85 and adding salt.

IMO, salt will not cure ich.  The higher temperature will speed up the
parasite life cycle.  Snails won't mind the higher temperatures but the salt
may be problematic depending on how much.

 >After a few days, if it doesn't improve, then I'll medicate.  Because of
> the live plants, medication is not the preferred route to take. 

Ich medications contain malachite green.  This will cause major problems with
your inverts (snails, etc), perhaps even kill them.  Remove all the inverts
to another tank.  Better yet, remove the infected fish to another tank and
treat them there.

> I've a
> good idea what triggered the ich attack and that problem is fixed (I
> think).  Any info is appreciated.

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