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Jim Capelle asked for a good book on snails with pictures.  The only one 
I've found after a good bit of looking is "Apple Snails in the Aquarium" 
published by TFH.  It is more an essay on snails natural habitat and 
breeding conditions than how to keep them in aquaria, however it does have 
a good section on just that subject.  Contrary to the title, this book 
covers almost every snail that exists in an aquatic environment and has 
pictures of them all.  There are physical descriptions of each kind so you 
can tell the various species apart even when the shells are similar. 
 Diseases and parasites that may be carried by snails are covered and 
methods to ensure you don't catch them are given.  I recommend the book for 
anyone interested in the various aquatic snails.  And really, there are 
recipes in it!

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil