Re: CaCO3

>From: Erik Olson <eriko at wrq_com>

>Actually, I was being a little TUM-in-cheek on that one.  When I was
>desparately searching for CaCO3, I considered this, but I just don't trust
>it.  Call up Hach chemical & get some CaCO3, and use baking soda while you
>wait for it to arrive. :)

Tums definately contain sugar. If you need CaCO3 in a hurry you can buy
pure CaCO3 tablets or caplets in bottles at the drug store. It is not
expensive. I crush the tablets and mix them with some tank water and add
the resulting "slurry"/"suspension" whatever, to the tank. 2 large caplets
= about 1 teaspoon.

in Vancouver