Re: Beginning electronics books

> From: David Soh <dsoh at iastate_edu>
> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 10:11:42 -0600
> Subject: DIY electronics
> Can any electrical engineers out there reccommend a good beginners' guide to
> electronics? I have the blue prints for a DIY pH controller but I know very
> little about electronics and I would like to attempt at building it. Is
> Radio Shack a good source for these books ? TIA.

If you really haven't a clue you can start with (don't dare laugh) the Boy
Scout's electronics merit badge pamphlet.  These publications also have
references for when you have mastered the admittedly limited subject
 If you already know what a
transistor is and what the difference between AC and DC is, you might try
the Radio Amateur's Handbook.  Most local libraries will have them, I
would think.