RO water storage

Various people have recently written posts about the need to maintain the RO
water in "sterile" (!!!) or semi-sterile conditions. Starting from the
assumption that the causes and pathophysiology (sorry for the big term!!) of
water-borne gastrointestinal diseases is presumably different between fish
and humans (is it really a far-fetched assumption??), I am really curious to
know where are the data that prove or suggest that aged water not
contaminated by sources of fish pathogens is going to cause problems. Again,
there is a difference between contamination from sources of pathogens, and
the natural aging process of "clean" water. Sterility is a concept that
occurs very rarely in nature, and trying to achieve it in this case sounds
to me as overkill. Cross-contamination with fish-holding containers or
aquaria tools is probably a more justified issue.