Bleaching and Microfauna

It seems that there has been a plethora of bleaching posts lately, so I thought that I would
put a twist on it. 

There have been a few posts lately about microscopic/minute organisms that may or may not
exist in a planted tank.  I am very interested in creating a miniature ecosystem in my
aquariums that would be similar to the natural systems used in reef keeping that have been
proposed by Adey, Jaubert, Sprung, etc.  I really don't know how plausible this
conception is for a planted freshwater aquarium, but if any of the collective has any
input, I would be very interested.  

The problem with a natural system and bleaching would seem to be that any microfauna on the
plants would be practically eliminated.  A good correlation is that you do not bleach live
rock because it has a little algae on it.  After all, algae should not be much of a pest in a
well maintained aquarium.  

I am going to be trying my hand at a natural system in a couple of months.  I am going to set up my
125g with the following: CO2 injection (not really natural huh? :), MH lighting,
substrate heating, surface skimming, and a settling tank.  I am going to try no
biological/mechanical filtering.  I know that George and David Webb have both tried a
settling tank.  Do either of you have any comments on present microfauna?  Have you taken
samples and placed them under the microscope?

TIA (Flame me if I'm an idiot!),

Eric Schoville
eschovil at us_oracle.com
in warm and humid Dallas, TX