>Pure Water
>by miller at en_ecn.purdue.edu (Tim Miller) 
>Date: 25 Aug 92
>This RO water is highly unsafe to drink, since there is 
>nothing left to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  And some really nasty 
>bugs can live in the dark on just water and carbon based molecules, 
>whether it be plastic or your digestive tract. 

Leave this to a Purdue engineer!  (I am a Purdue grad)  RO membranes remove most bacteria, but
if the water is sitting around in a non sealed container it could become infected.  I really
doubt that any pathogen is going to infect near-pure water and pose a serious health
concern.  Remember that many of the water purifiers that you can get for camping are
miniature RO filters, and you can drink the water from the Ganges with them!  

I don't know about RO, though.  How many of you are drinking from your RO reservoirs?

Eric Schoville
eschovil at us_oracle.com