re: apple snails and discus tanks

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"Williams, Rochelle wrote

> Andi in Muenchen asked about potential health problems with apple snails
> living in discus tanks (soft water and acidic pH).  My experience is that
> the snail will survive but the shell will suffer.  In my 125g (500l) discus
> tank, 6.8 pH, 86F (33C ? I forget correct conversion factor), a mystery
> snail did a great job of eating algae.  The snail grew but the shell's new
> growth was so thin it was almost transparent.

Hi, This happened to your snail probably because you water was too soft.  
> To get around all these potential problems and concerns, I'm changing a 20g
> plant propagation tank to include apple snails and hopefully get them to
> breed.  That way lime can be added occasionally for the snail's benefit,
> they will be "clean" of parasites and acclimatized to the water conditions.

> Rochelle Williams
> williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil

Good luck. I don't know if its possible to "clean" anything of all 
parasites.  The best you can hope for is to reduce them.  Parasites etc. 
are always present, healthy fish just keep them "in check."