Re: nitrate filters (not including plants)

There is a new product to consider called Siporax--short, hollow glass
tubes with deep fine fractures. They go into the filter system and can help
reduce nitrates. The fractures are deep enough to house anaerobic bacteria
that break down nitrates. The product is somewhat new in the American
market but has had good word of mouth from Europe.

In a planted tank, however, I would think the plants should get the
nitrates rather than the filter. Doesn't the problem with algae in discus
tanks have to do with the phosphate level?

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997 21:23:58 -0800, Tony_Griffitts <griffitt at calweb_com> wrote:

Just wondering about this post in the "Discus Lovers" List.  Just wondering if
anyone has experience using a denitrator in a acidic freshwater tank?

>I have built 4 denitrators for myself and customers.  I do not
>recommend denitrators for discus tanks because they do not function
>well in soft acidic water.  I do strongly recommend them for salt
>water and reef tanks.  They will also work on fresh water with a pH
>above 7.4, anything lower than that and their efficiency is greatly
>reduced.  Here's the address to my web page on denitrators:

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