Re: DI Water

I don't have any experience with RO and DI water but I vaguely
remember a serious warning posted some years ago in r.a.  The posting
recommended using *only* RO (Reverse Osmosis) water in aquariums and
strongly warned AGAINST using DI (Deioninzed) water.  I hope we are
not using these terms interchangeably here (but I'm afraid some
posters may be doing so).

The warning came from a process engineer in an integrated circuit
processing facility that used DI water to clean wafers. He remarked
that since DI water is so pure, it has no mechanisms to prevent
bacterial growth and, in essence, makes a nice breeding ground for
some very nasty germs.  People in the IC facility were warned about
drinking DI water for this reason.  

If anyone with more experience knows of precautions when using DI
water, perhaps they could post a short essay for or against its use?