I know snails are a strong sub-subject (pro/con)to many of us who keep and
work with plants, and I feel real dumb to be asking, but does anyone know of
a good common book(non-text/trade) on snails with good pictures?   I have
given up the fight on clearing snail from my tanks(my posting 6 months ago)
and learned to live and use them.  I ve gone after any that were snacking on
the plants,  I even move them around to where ever I need them, like last
month to my growing out tanks to help with left over food the fry missed.  I
have a Rams horn type with three color patterns. 

Jim Capelle in sunny Florida, where it will go back into the 70's today after
three days of 30's and 50's.  Where the snowbirds drive REAL slow.(We are
entering the Hump of snowbird season).  Like cabin fever you cann't wait for
it to end.