That Fabulous Seattle KH

> From: Dan Simon <dan.simon at attws_com> 
> I purchased the Tetra KH and GH kit yesterday.  I am aware that Seattle
> water is very soft but geez!! I'm starting to wonder if I'm using the kit
> properly. 
> The KH kit says to add the drops until the vial turns light yellow. 
>  After 2 drops its clear and then on the third drop I start to see a 
> faint "yellow-ish" color.  However, there is no color change 
> progression as the instructions indicate.  Is the KH so low that it 
> just isn't registering?

That is correct.  During the rainy season (when water doesn't spend a lot
of time in resevoirs picking up carbonates), the KH is often < 1, which is
why the pH can fluctuate so much in the tapwater here.  If you add a
little baking soda to the water, you'll see the blue start point of the

btw, to help read the kit better, put the vial on a white piece of paper
and read from above. 

  - Erik

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