Re: Carbonates, Electro-Right, RO-Right, etc.

> >That would be my opinion.  A little calcium carbonate to provide
> >some pH stability and a little carbonate hardness for plants is the
> Isn't the calcium carbonate more for the plants, and the carbonate hardness
> more for the pH stability?  The comments above say the opposite. Please help
> me understand this.  I appreciate your help.

  Sorry--I didn't say that very well.  :-/  Carbonate hardness (KH) is
a measurement of the ammount of calcium carbonate in the water. (My thought
pattern running to the affect of you add calcium carbonate to the water
to raise the carbonate hardness to a desirable level for plants, since KH
is how we measure the ammount of calcium carbonate.)  Ah well--hopefully
that made sense. :-)

Nathan H.