Re: GH and KH

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> Subject: KH & GH test kit 
> Date:  Mon, 20 Jan 1997 07:57:27 -0800 
> I purchased the Tetra KH and GH kit yesterday.  I am aware that Seattle
> water is very soft but geez!! I'm starting to wonder if I'm using the kit
> properly. 
> The KH kit says to add the drops until the vial turns light yellow. 
>  After 2 drops its clear and then on the third drop I start to see a 
> faint "yellow-ish" color.  However, there is no color change 
> progression as the instructions indicate.  Is the KH so low that it 
> just isn't registering?


  I get about 20ppm alkalinity (KH, (pardon any chemical imprecision :-)))
out of the tap in Seattle.  This agrees with the city water report that I
got last year.  We do have really soft water, accumulated from snowmelt
draining over igneous and metamorphic rocks.  What else would one expect?