Re: Bleach Treatments

> I have no strong feelings one way or the other about the
> bleach treatment. I have never had a filamentous algae 
> infestation that was persistent enough for me to feel 
> the need to try this method.  But because I am fully 
> convinced of the aquatic gardening abilities of several 
> of the people who advocate this as a viable method of 
> algae control, I _am_ sure it works for some forms of 
> algae (which is all they have claimed)

I don't mean to slam the concept and I don't deny that it could help. I
certainly didn't mean any disrespect to Neil or anyone else advocating
bleach treatments.  I just feel that bleach treatments are extreme and
usually not necessary.

> Because my name came up in this debate, and it sounds 
> like I am on the side AGAINST bleach treatments, I'd 
> like to make a couple of points.

I apologize for putting words into your mouth.

> I think all of my tanks have reached an acceptable (for 
> me) steady state, but there are subtle differences in 
> each, right down to the type of algae that is likely 
> to appear when the tank slips slightly away from its 
> steady state.

Maybe I should have gone back to the term balance.  Rather than bleaching
my plants, I prefer to seek a balance that allows my plants to thrive
while keeping algae at an absolute minimum.

> I'm _really_ glad that you've got your tanks where 
> you want them... I think I remember you had some 
> frustrating times in the beginning.

I survived a VERY ugly and frustrating filamentous algae attack.  It
tested my patience for sure but it has been worth all of the frustration. 
I'm so pleased with the results that I'm building another aquarium,
correcting mistakes I made the first time around.