Phillips 900 series T-8s

Sparrow wrote:
> snip<
> plant usable spectrum output of 220% compared with sylvania gro-lux.

Wow! Is this based on specific wavelength calculations?  I really need
to get a copy of the Baensch Atlases.

> They are expensive because they are a 5 phosphor tube, and yes they have a
> CRI of 95 in the 3000K and 3800K flavours, and CRI 98 in the 5200K and 6500K
In the states only a 5000K and 3500K version are available, but my
supplier can't even get me a price.  I've been waiting for nearly two
weeks. This is all EXCELLENT information. Yours and another were the
only replies I've recieved.  Either everyone is as clueless when it
comes to lights as I am, or my writing is so poor that no one wishes to
engage in discussion on this topic.

A local Osram/Sylvania dealer tried to do a cross on this Phillips
product and called Sylvania headquarters.  The toll free reps are
usually quite deadpan in their assistance in such matters, but in this
instance he came off rather excitedly about Phillips CRI claims and
dubbed them hogwash.  He went on to say that he used Grow Lux WS in his
personal tank and was very happy with them.  Imagine that!

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