re: tadpoles

& From: alan at peewee_chinalake.navy.mil (Alan Van nevel)
&   In  Aquarium Plants by Rataj and Horemann, they suggest using tadpoles as
& algae eaters.  Any one have any thoughts on this idea.  I am getting
& frustrated looking for SAE's

"tadpoles" is a pretty broad term.  Most will eat aglae, some species
won't.  Some change into frogs within a couple weeks, other take up to a
year.  At least in Northern California Bullfrog tadpoles take most of a
year to change, in a warm tank it might happen faster.  Bullfrog tads
can also be 6" long and I'm not sure what they eat.  And then what do
you do with the frogs?  I haven't tried this...yet.

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