Re: Water Chemistry Reference

> From: "James Purchase" <jpp at inforamp_net>
> Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 23:58:19 -0500
> Can anyone recommend a comprehensive book on Water Chemistry as it
> applies to freshwater aquaculture?  George Booth has made several
> references to one published by HACH but they advised me that it is no
> longer available.

It's amazing that as soon as I recommend something to the net, it
either becomes "unavailable" or "expensive" all of a sudden.  Go

I believe Lamotte also has a book on water chemistry or at least on
what their test kits measure.  Call them and ask [quickly!].

Also try calling Hach tech support.  They certainly should tell you
how the test works or what it is measuring.

> Are there any others which go from A-Z, in detail?

>From an ancient posting:

| From: pflugrat at cshl_org (Jim Pflugrath)
| Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1992 15:57:34 GMT
| Subject: Re: Oxygen test & 02 staturation question
| A standard reference in the field of water testing and water quality
| is "STANDARD METHODS For the Examination of Water and Wastewater"
| published by the American Public Health Association, 1015 15th St NW,
| Washington, DC 20005.  This is the bible for water testing labs.  This
| 1100+ page tome contains numerous approved tests for almost any
| element, compound, organism, etc.  It has b&w sketches of
| microorganisms and color plates of algae to help in identifying these
| kinds of critters.
| Jim <pflugrat at cshl_org>

George in Cold and Snowy Colorado