hoods, lights, T-8s and specialty bulbs

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 17:39:48 -0800
From: Lee Keetle <lkeetle at silverlink_net>
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Subject: hoods, lights, T-8s and specialty bulbs

Thanks everyone for my fist year of good reading. I've been quiet for
some time because there was so much here to absorb. Tank lighting is my
current interest. Since my lights have been sub-par for so long, I
wanted to make a dramatic move in the direction of quality lighting
while keeping it affordable. I won't succeed right off because
experimentation is such a costly endeavor. Hopefully you all can help.
My points of concern in designing great custom hood include:

- cost
- total lumen output
- spectral output in growth specific wavelengths
- great CRI because I want it all to look gorgeous
- moisture and CO2 loss from the tank
- open top accesability or light enough to remove for complete access
- power consumption
- safe easy wiring
- cost cost cost uhh did I mention cost?

I've been researching the archives and it has clarified a great many
things. If you have experimented with any of the following...or have an
opinion based on either fact or preference please post some sort of

1. Has anyone used Phillips T-8 TL950 or TL930 bulbs?  Do you believe
the CRI of 98,95?  Are they worth the 3x cost of standard quality T-8s
or would you just use a specialty aquarium bulb?

2. Would it be worthwile or would you personally prefer a six bulb
system with two ballasts.  One so you could operate 3 efficient T-8s and
another so you could operate 3 specialty T-12 bulbs?  Growlux WS,
Chroma50, Triton and all the neat bulbs are not available in efficient
T-8 versions.

3. Do you prefer aluminized reflectors or flat white?  I love to see
Cardinals and Head & Tail Lights glow under the light in the fish shops
I visit.  Which reflector do you think would maximize this effect.  Or
is it simply a matter of spectral output? 

4. If you own a 80 or 90 gal. tank could you write me
(lkeetle at silverlink_net) with the exact OUTSIDE dimensions of the
plastic frame?  I only have the info for Island mfg. Perhaps an
All-Glass or another big company. What a huge favor this would be! Mfg.
web sites only publish nominal dimensions.

5. I've finally aquired the product catalogs for Phillips and Osram
Sylvania, but only Sylvania has published output spectra.  Since some
pepole seem to prefer Phillips' phospors where did they get their data. 
I guess that's a dumb question, I should just call one of their
corporate #'s and demand some satisfaction right?

We have four industrial lighting distributors here in Bremerton
Washington and they are all less than helpfull.  I've had to open
business accounts with my business licence and plead for the catalog
right off their desk to do some reasearch.  They require full case
purchases on the bulbs I want to try and that means 25 to 40 bulbs.  By
the way, if you have any bulb questions for the catalogs I do have,
write me:

lkeetle at silverlink_net

I've started a site, so when I get this all straightened out, I'll offer
results on the WWW and probably sell these things I have to buy in case
lots as cheaply as possible to those on the APD.  For instance I've
already had to order five Motorolla balasts.... Sheesh!


Lee Keetle in a cold rainy little town called Bremerton.
(Washington the State)