extra algae eaters?

Can anyone recommend some extra algae eaters for an outbreak of hairy,
light green algae that grows at the top of the tank -- on the glass and on
the tops of the plants. I'm having a hard time keeping up with it. The otos
and SAEs seem to rarely go up to the top of the tank. I need something that
will pick at it near the surface. Would Mollies be good? Would they survive
in unsalted water? Any suggestions?

I'd like to stop feeding the fish entirely so that the SAEs in particular
are extra hungry. The only fish I worry about are the Clown Loaches as they
seem such hungry fish. Anyone know if those guys do okay with no food at
all for about a week? Trouble is the SAEs like the shrimp pellets I feed
the loaches, a LOT.

in very wet Vancouver