Re: Algae Eating Fish

--- It was written:
>I don't like to consider Chinese Algae Eaters in even the same sentence as
>Siamese algae eaters unless pointing out that they are very dissimilar

Amen Brother Dave!
--- end of quoted material ---

Sorry for the error on my discription.
I  mistakenly lumped the two togeather.
My fish (I know now it was likely a type of Chinese Algae eater) and I've had a
couple of them both got very terrritorial and large over time.
I'll be more careful and specific next time I post.
On the Apple Snails, I recently purchased one which was called an Orange Apple
Snail which certainly does eat plants. It wiped out my water sprite and was
working on my Amazon Sword. Both plants were healthy so it wasn't eating dead
or decaying material.
It didn't go for the banana plants, bacopa or the hornwort that I have in the
I will be relocating the snail today if I can.

I enjoy this list and am glad I found it.

Don R