Re: Algae Eating Fish

>I don't like to consider Chinese Algae Eaters in even the same sentence as
>Siamese algae eaters unless pointing out that they are very dissimilar

Amen Brother Dave!

>The description you've given has been my experience with the Chinese algae
>eater (Indian sucking carp) and in some cases with false Siamese algae
>eaters and Flying Foxes).  I've never owned an SAE, but no-one that I've
>talked to who has true Siamensis has reported any aggressiveness even in
>fully grown specimens.

In an attempt not to invalidate Mr. Webb's experience, but to elaborate on my
own, I would like to say that I kept a half dozen *False* Siamese Algae
Eaters in a 110 gal. tank with wild Heckel discus and found them to be only
moderatelly aggresive within their own species.  Even this only consisted of
the males sparring with each other.  Aside from this they were very effective
at consuming all types of algae, were always on they move and were very
pretty and colorful in their own right, something I can't say for the
   As long as I'm on the topic I'd also like to say a word about some of they
rarer Asian algae eaters.  I had the pleasure of keeping a school of Black
Mountain Algae Eaters(Garra sp.) and would highly recomend them.   I'm sure
the common name is something the wholesaler invented but a very similar fish
can be found in Baensche's Atlas(not sure which vol.).  If you see any in the
store you'd be doing them, and yourself a favor by picking them up and giving
this admitidly unattractive fish a good home.
  Nathan, buried in 1 1/2 feet of snow in Grand Rapids, MI