Re: Flurescent light covers

 From: mtn at delarue_demon.co.uk
 Date: Wed, 15 Jan 97 10:45:37 GMT
 > My question is, will I need some kind of glass (plexiglass) cover over
 > the tank to keep the moisture off the lights? I am not using waterproof
 > end caps. What are the experiences of other DIY canopy folks?

It's not simply a question of water threatening your bulbs; the lights are
very low in my tanks, and I keep the water levels very high (I don't like
to see a water line.)  As a result, any splashing or bubbling at all
leads to droplets on the tank cover.  Over the span of a month, enough
splash/dry/splash happens to cause significant accumulation of minerals on
the plastic to make it much less transparent; being able to take the
plastic out and clean it thoroughly (it's easy with green pot-scrubber
sponges) brings a lot more light back into the tank.  It's pointless
making a custom high-light hood if you let the bulbs get encrusted and
prevent them from supplying light, although this may not be an issue for
you if the water is at a lower level, or if the surface is still in the
tank in question.

                                       --  Edziu