Re: Glass covers under canopies.

> From: tac2 at mtgpa_mt.lucent.com (t.a.castrovince)
> Date: Tue, 14 Jan 97 09:50:14 EST
> My question is, will I need some kind of glass (plexiglass) cover over
> the tank to keep the moisture off the lights? I am not using waterproof
> end caps. What are the experiences of other DIY canopy folks?

We have had FL bulbs in plain old shoplight fixtures in our hood for 7
years without a cover between them and the water.  Absolutely no problems. 

Even though a hood is a high humidity situation, it's no worse then
Chicago in the summer :-).  And you don't find many covers over FL
lights in Chicago, do you?

You only need a cover if you have saltwater or are concerned with


PS: A note to those who have e-mailed me recently - I just got back
from vacation and am slowly working my way through the mail.