Re: Glass Covers

Subject: Glass covers under canopies.

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> My question is, will I need some kind of glass (plexiglass) cover over
> the tank to keep the moisture off the lights? I am not using waterproof
> end caps. What are the experiences of other DIY canopy folks?
> Happy 1997.
> Thom  - in icy New Joisey
> tac2 at mtgpa_mt.lucent.com


I also asked this question about 3 months ago. I made a light hood out of 
pieces of plastic guttering and this rests directly on the top of the tank
about 1 1/2" from the water surface. I received no response to the question
but decided to remove the plastic condensation tray. The light fittings do
not have waterproof end caps; my concern was that condensation would get on
the terminals or that cavorting catfish might splash the bulbs. Despite
these worries there have been no problems with the set-up except that
evaporation has increased a bit.

So, to answer your question, I my experience you will not need a cover to 
keep moisture off the lights.