re: Algae Eating Fish

>From: Donald.E.Reed at Dartmouth_EDU (Donald E. Reed)
>Date: 14 Jan 97 11:26:58 EST
>My experiences with siamese/chinese algae eaters is that they are very
>effective when they are small.
>As they grow and get older they don't eat/clean much algae and tend to be
>Both of the algae eaters that I've had eventually grew over 4 inches in
>which got to be too big for my tank.
>I traded them for some other fish at my pet store.

I don't like to consider Chinese Algae Eaters in even the same sentence as
Siamese algae eaters unless pointing out that they are very dissimilar

The description you've given has been my experience with the Chinese algae
eater (Indian sucking carp) and in some cases with false Siamese algae
eaters and Flying Foxes).  I've never owned an SAE, but no-one that I've
talked to who has true Siamensis has reported any aggressiveness even in
fully grown specimens.

My algae eaters are platies, ottos, and snails, but I'd pick up a few
siamensis if they showed up even though I don't have any red algaes to eat.

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