Re: Apple Snails and Ich

Rochelle Williams Wrote:

>>Sorry to be off topic but figured some people on the list will keep 
or mystery snails in their planted tanks and may know the answer.  
I've a 
slight case of ich in one tank and wonder if apple snails are infected 
or carry ich?  I plan to treat by raising the temp to 85 and adding 
 After a few days, if it doesn't improve, then I'll medicate.  Because 
the live plants, medication is not the preferred route to take.  I've 
good idea what triggered the ich attack and that problem is fixed (I 
think).  Any info is appreciated.<<


I don't know about whether or not they can carry ich. However I would 
be concerned about keeping apple snails in a planted tank. I kind of 
like snails and other inverts so keep a number of different kinds (7 
identifiable snail types). I found that apple snails and Columbian 
ramshorns can both be very destructive plant eaters. I keep both these 
types in a seperate 10 gallon tank and feed them off of plant cuttings 
from my tanks, lettuce and zucchini.