Re: anubias turning yellow

> yellow. The new leaves are also quite yellow, and don't appear to be turning 
> green.

	It's normal for the new leaves, at least, to be even "anemically"
yellow.  They should, however, slowly turn green and within two weeks be
as dark a green as mature leaves on the plant.  As to the mature leaves
turning yellow, some of this I've found to be normal with new-to-a-tank 
Anubias spp.
	I'm a little concerned that the yellowing of mature leaves
appears to be continuing, however.  How long after the plants'
introduction did this yellowing begin, and to what percentage and at what
rate is it occuring?  It's probably nothing to worry about yet, but if
your new leaves do not turn green, and a large percentage of the mature
ones continue to yellow over say the next 2-3 weeks, then I'd begin t