Micronutrient Mix

Hi all,

In the (seemingly) never ending search for the perfect
source of trace element mix (right nutrients & cost & local), 
I stumbled upon: J.R. Simplot Co, Pocatello, ID. (and belore
you point out that I'm not in Idaho, they have a distributer

They manufacture a mix called "APEX Micronutrient Formulation"
  Iron Sulfate 13%
  Sulfur 13%
  Calcium sulfate 2.4%
  Magnesium sulfate 1.20%
  Maganese sulfate 1.5%
  Zinc Sulfate 1.0%
  Copper sulfate 0.5%
  Sodium molydate 0.005%
  Boron 0.1%
  Sulfur 13%

I'm no chemist, so how does this compare to Sears & Konlin's
PMDD? Any insight here is greatly appreciated.

Any reactions/insights?
Oh yeah, it sells for $1150 a ton (or $14.38 a 25 lb. bag). I
could supply the whole list!

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University