Re: Algae Eating Fish

   It has been my experience that aside from a few species of bushy nose
"Plecos", most of the Loricariids are not only inaffective algae eaters but
can be a nuisance in a plant tank.  If you have any driftwood in the tank
then you can expect them to munch on the wood the majority of the time,
making a a very big mess with their non-biodegradable "wooden" feces.  And
they tend to just bull their way around the aquarium without any deference to
the prized plants they are uprooting.   In regards to the Otocinclus
originally mentioned, I would suggest you stay as far away from them as
possible if you value your 6 discus.  After seeing them suck on the discus a
few times, driving them into the dark corners of the aquarium, you'll want
nothing other than to shish-kabob their little bony bodies with a miniature
harpoon.  I would suggest you try to get your hands on either the false or
the true siamese algae eaters, cantrary to what some may say they are both
extremely effective algae eaters and neither will bother your discus.