PMDD problems

I've been attempting to get the ingredients to make PMDD, using a recipe I
found at http://www.cam.org/~tomlins/algae.html#disc (Sears & Conlin).
After visiting and ringing several hydroponics shops I finally found one
that had what I was looking for, or so I thought. I asked the salesperson
to send me an analysis of the Trace Element Mix and this is what I got:

>Final Solution PPM
>Nitrogen                124.110
>Phosphorous              31.920
>Potassium               207.200
>Calcium                 103.600
>Boron                     0.306
>Iron                      3.124
>Manganese                 1.240
>Magnesium                28.413
>Sulphur                  49.700
>Zinc                      0.095
>Copper                    0.107
>Molybdemum                0.076
>The above PPM is at a dilution rate of 1:14 at a CF of 20 and a tank size of
>approximately 1000 litres
>The mix comes in two parts. Part A = Calcium Nitrate, Part B = Trace Element

I don't understand the sentence about the dilution rate. What does it mean?

This mix doesn't match up with the recipe suggested by Sears & Conlin. Is
it useable anyway? If not can anyone suggest somewhere I can the right
ingredients to make up PMDD in Australia, preferably in Sydney?


Michael Chang
Sydney, Australia

Sydney Killie Group