Re: Increasing Alkalinity

>Just when I thought I understood the twin concepts of Alkalinity and
>Hardness (in all its various forms), along comes something from left field
>to show me how truly small my grasp of this topic is.

Believe me.  I'm quite familiar with this dilemma.

>"Sodium Bicarbonate is a pH adjuster rather than a buffer. If added in
>excess to an aquarium, the pH can be elevated to unacceptably high levels.
>A 10% solution of baking soda can safely be used to raise the pH of an
>Also, since Sodium Bicarbonate by itself is not a buffer, the desired pH
>may not hold for very long."

I've heard many people speak of this (relative to adjusting already
alkaline tap pH upwards), though it doesn't seem to be much problem
with frequent water changes.  I just sorta bungle through the
pH<->KH<->Alkalinity relationship, as well.  Anyone know of a book out
there that covers the subject well?  I have a college chemistry text,
and though it contains a chapter on pH chemistry, it seems to assume
some things which lead to an imperfect understanding on my part.

Well, I may not have helped much, but at least you have a sympathizer.

Brian T. Forsythe
crom at cris_com

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