Re: algae eating fishes

I don't know if this message went trough please forgive me for doble posting.

Hi, everybody

asking some friends for Otocinclus, one friend of mine gave me one
Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps 8cm long, 3 peckoltia brevis 4cm long and 1 Hypoptoma
gulare 5cm long. wich I have now in a temporary tank

My question is, I have a 80 gal planted aquarium I set up three month ago and is
doing great with 6 discus. will the fish above mentined do the work?

will they damage or eat the plants?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, any coments are welcome.

Claudio Dioguardi
Caracas, Venezuela

btw the Hypoptoma gulare is eating a lot of algae in hte temporary tank!!