Re: Carriage returns

To Steve et al:

I'm the last one to comment about people using systems other than
Intel/Microsoft based Windows (I have owned and loved an Amiga for years),
so when a fellow member of this list sent me a request to start adding
carriage returns due to his reader's inability to handle my posts in a
modern way (read - "automatic word-wrap") I was concerned about it. This
list is after all about communicating with people who share an interest in
aquatic plants, and I don't want to have technical limitations get in the

But several people have advised me to NOT add carriage returns, and now
Steve says that my posts are coming through O.K. and he is thanking me for
me making the switch.

I'd rather fight than switch (just a joke!). I haven't changed anything -
why are the posts I make now coming through O.K.? (Read - I'm still not
putting in carriage returns, except for new paragraphs.)

I realize that this is off topic, but the underlying ability of us to
communicate with each other easily is important.

Perhaps the answer is for those using other platforms to get software which
is capable of word-wrap - I'm sure it must be available. 

Just a thought.

James Purchase