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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 97 22:47:19 -0800
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bowerman at specent_com

> It was I that suggested that you remove your Clown Loaches. Not all
> Clown Loaches are plant eaters, but those that do can really tear up a
> tank. They seem to be especially fond of ripping holes in Amazon Sword
> leaves while they are still in the process of unfurling. Just because
> this is not occuring in another tank which contains loaches, does not
> mean that one is not doing a number on this tank. It sounds as if you
> might be having multiple problems. The holes probably are not related to
> your algae problems. If it is not your Clown Loaches (you remove them
> and the problem continues), look around your tank for other suspects.

> My advice on the algae...get your hands on the real PMDD ingredients.
> Finding everything can be a bit of a hassle, but I believe you will find
> it worth the effort.

Hi, I have experienced the same thing=  Some clown loaches make holes in 
plants and some do not.  Why that is I don't know.  If I pull off some 
old leaves on my Amazon sword plants the first few new leaves that 
come out have holes in them. Some people here suggested that what happened 
was when I removed those old leaves I removed stored nutrients from the 
plant.  That is a possibility.  Or like a shock to the plant.  It's just 
hard to believe that when you feed them well at the roots and put liquid 
fertilizer in the water that removing only a few leaves would have such a 
dramatic effect on the plant.