sochting oxydator

Hi everyone,

I attended a Aquarium Hobbist meeting on Wednesday night and a young man
gave a short talk on the "sochting oxydator". I'd heard someone else
mention this but hadn't paid much attention. Apparently it is a very simple
kind of "filter", completely powerless (no electricity) that uses Hydrogen
peroxide to clear up ammonia, nitrite etc. and add oxygen to the water. It
also doesn't remove any carbon dioxide. This young man has been keeping
Discus with only this filter and a powerhead to provide current for 6
months now. He has 14 discus (small ones) in a 48 gallon along with Amazon
Swords. He has only one florescent tube over the tank. He does the usual
water changes.

There is no cleaning involved. One must add ordinary Hydrogen peroxide
every couple of weeks to the "filter". It is not large and sits in the
aquarium. Only one store has it here (so far -- I believe he said it comes
from Germany) and it costs $60 (Canadian).

Anyone tried this or heard about it or have any interesting comments? I
wonder, would it work with a heavily planted, high light aquarium?

in foggy, green Vancouver