Re: Putting in Carriage Returns

> Hmmmm.  All of the email programs I have worked with send CRs automatically
> after a certain number of characters, the number varying between programs and
> programmers ideas as to what is correct.  Thus, I get email with CRs and
> email without CRs, and the CRs that are inserted seem to be placed wherever
> the individual program wants to place them.  

> Bottom line - NO, do NOT put Carriage Returns in your email.  They goof up
> the system.  :-) 

There's still a large installed base of users using the old crufty text
based email programs like elm, pine, and even vi with Mail.  Yes, a
nice GUI X11 mailer is available on my Silicon Graphics machine
(Z-Mail), but I still prefer elm using vi as the editor.

I know one of the requirements of keeping a heavily planted tank is
frequent water changes (which I do semi-faithfully), but what is the
reason?  I've always thought that water changes were to keep the end
product of the nitrogen cycle, nitrates, diluted.  But in a heavily
planted tank, there shouldn't be an excess of nitrogen.

So are there are pollutants that we're getting rid of here in planted

Richard Masoner
in windblown sub-freezing snowy Champaign Illinois
[ -40 degree (C & F) windchill. Brrrr! ]