Re: Hydrogen peroxide

> Does anybody know the effectiveness of H2O2? I assume it's much safer for
> plants than copper based medications.

Although, in general terms Nathan's observations that hydrogen peroxide
decays quite quickly in aquaria is correct; some years ago I did buy a
German device called an Oxydator which used hydrogen peroxide.

The device consisted of a clear plastic canister with a small opening at
the base and small catylsts within. This was partially filled with hydrogen
peroxide, and the whole placed within a two-part ceramic case. The idea was
the catalyst slowly broke the hydrogen peroxide down into water and oxygen.
The oxygen escaped from the ceramic case into the water.

Although it doesn't sound impressive, it did seem to provide limited relief
from whitespot in my marine invertebrate aquaria. The usual copper based
cures cannot be used in such aquaria. Possibly the oxygen existed as free
radicals which would interfere with the functioning of cells, most fatally
with single celled organisms like protozoa.

Another marine cure-all, Ectopur (from Sera) works in a very similar way
and is also fairly effective. Both seem to be affected by the amounts of
organic material in the water, and basic cleanliness is part of the cure.

The Oxydator was also marketed as a way of increasing the stocking level of
an aquarium. Such devices are useful in certain circumstances, like
breeding aquaria or fry raising tanks, but should be used with care.

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