Plants for open tanks

Hi everybody, happy new year.

I recently converted my tank into an open tank with HQL lighting and I am now
looking for some plants that look beautiful and maybe flower when growing out 
of the water surface.

Could you pls. provide me with some plant names that I may buy? My tank 
parameters are: 
KH/GH 3-4, PH 6.7, Temp. 27-28 Celsius (80-82 Fahrenheit), 200 liters,
40-45 cm water column, 2 HQL lights with 80 W each (about 8000 lumens), 
Laterite and Dupla fertilizers. Fish are discus, neon tetras, ramirezi, corys, 
ancistrus, SAEs.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Andi from Munich, Germany (where we have snow and about -10 Celsius).