AquaMate "Living Water Vital" & "Instant Amazon"

I was wondering if anyone has put any samples of "Living Water Vital"
or "Instant Amazon from AquaMate and Assoc. under a microscope?

The label seems to imply that it is a non-living agent,
catalysts & organic acids. That doesn't sound much like it would be
cysts or eggs of micro-organisms like rotifers or the like.

George, what was Karla's opinion of the claims made for this product?
I suppose it's reasonable that some kinds of organic agents might
stimulate growth of certain micro-fauna such as rotifers since they
do require specific suitable environments. At the same time I also
wonder if the addition of a tiny dose of ordinary humic acids might 
not have a dramatic effect on unicellular algae and micro-fauna. I 
don't suppose that the Booths will part with any of their hard-earned
cash on a fool's quest for a magic elixer, eh?  ;-)

James Purchase suggested that rotifer sized creatures might get
damaged by aquarium pumps if they had a motile stage of development.
I'm not sure they do suffer much damage since the pumps I've seen
in powerheads and other powerfilters look like centrifugal impellers
and I've even found fry who somehow survived passing through the
pump (although often slightly worse for the wear). These pumps sure 
don't do any damage to unicellular algae organisms. Anyone with a
microscope checked their aquarium water/plants for rotifers? I'll
bet you can find several species.
Gentlemen and Ladies, start your microscopes! ;-)