Re: Removing Trumpet Snails

Drew wanted a method to remove them, while most of us actively promote 
the MTSs as near-ideal scavengers!

Most snails are very sensitive to copper. The only problem is that the 
plants may (no, probably will...) wilt and go brown first.

I would go about it by uprooting all plants, and storing them in a 
bucket. I would use a very coarse net to run through the substrate and 
capture as many of the grown snails as possible.

Use the normal medicinal dose of copper medication. When the copper 
sulfate or citrate hits the tank, expect a huge biological overload as 
the remaining smaller snails die and try to foul the tank. A rapid 
water-change routine should keep the fish from feeling the worst of the 
effects of all that dead protein decaying in the water.

Replace the plants as soon as the copper is diluted down well, so they 
can help soak up the unwanted nutrients and replace the essential lost 
infusoria that the babies will need.

Wouldn't it be easier to move the Corys to a clean tank for their 
spawning? That's what I usually do.

Good luck,



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