Water quality questions update.

As you may recall, I had the dolomite laden tank and was trying to find
a solution to stabilizing my water pH.

Thanks to everyone who gave advice!

I ended up removing ALL the gravel from the tank (not an easy job) and
replacing it with dolomite-free gravel.  I did so in two stages.

First I removed 1/3 of the water and replaced 1/2 of the tank substrate.
This dropped the pH from about 7.5 to 7.3.  Then, one week later, I did
another 1/3 water change and replaces the other 1/2 of the substrate. 
That moved my pH to about 7.1.  Two days later I added fertilizer
(Kent), for the first time in this tank. I also added a pH down product
(Mardel South America native water conditioner).  I had a few
reservations about this treatment. But I added half the recommended dose
and so far (only 3 days) the pH is rock solid at 6.8, the KH is 3, and
the Hardness is about 20ppm.

For the future I plan to perform smaller water changes and use sodium
bicarbonate to keep my buffer around 3 degrees.

I don't have a budget for a CO2 injector and will forgo one if I can
keep my plants healthy.

Although better, my tank is not exactly paradise either...

I have had a bad green water problem for over three weeks now.  I hoped
the water changes would help but they have not.  I have cut back the
light to 11 hours.  I even tried Accu-Clear from Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals.  Its supposed to clump up particles in the water.  Well
when I added it _nothing_ happened.  I mean nothing.  The water is just
and cloudy as ever.

This lead me to believe that maybe the cloudiness is due to some other
problem.  Its a milky colour with just a little green in it (I remember
green water being bright green).  I have never heard of green algae
staying in a tank for three weeks.  Visability is about 14".  HELP!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can rid this menace from my

Any help would be greatly appreciated.