Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #436

> Anyone know of a good way to wipe out a population of Malaysian
> Pinpoint or Livebearing Snails?  I have a population of them in my
> plant/cory cat tank and they keep eating my cory cat eggs. 
> Drew
> Warwick_d at bls_gov
> O-

Hi Drew:

I had a skazillion of these when I was keeping Africans.  When I changed the 
tank over for South American acidophilies, the snails gradually disappeared. 
I think the lower pH is what did the trick.  I wouldn't like to use any 
chemical to kill them off...the results are pretty predictable, but if they 
kind of gradually dissolve, it should be no harm.  Others have suggested 
hanging a piece of wilted lettuce or a small bit of meat at the top of the 
tank in the evening and harvesting the snails in the a.m. I don't know that 
this will work with these substrate loving snails, but it might.  Good luck 

Best fishes,
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