HCl & residual chloride

>      Though some folks in "the trade" utilize inorganic acids (in
> concert with alkaline reserve test kits, meters, amperometrics) to
> mass-shift (generally only temporarily) large volumes of water's pH,
> this is a dangerous proposition for a hobbyist. Too easy to burn your
> livestock, a bunch of residual chloride (in HCl's case) in your water,
> and often the vagaries of "bounce" of the chemistry back to high pH.

Can you say more about the problem of residual chlorides? I am one of those
fishkeepers who adds salt to my tank--1 tblsp/5 gallons. What happens to
the chloride there? I don't know the chemical terms but get the impression
from some chemist friends that residual chloride should be harmless ... TIA.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA

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