Plant Trimming Tools

I'm  working with a 24" deep 125 gallon planted aquarium.  I've got a 6"
custom hood which adds to the difficulty of reaching plants for trimming. 
When I reach over the hood down into the aquarium, I'm all the way up to my
armpits before I reach bottom, and I can't see what I'm doing.  When I get
up on a step ladder and go over the top, I still can't see what I'm doing
(because I'm looking over the top).

I use Eheim tongs for all sorts of purposes.  One of the snipping tools I
sometimes use for plant trimming is Swiss Army knife scissors.  In my
dreams I can almost see exactly how to fit my Swiss Army knife scissors
into the Eheim tongs jaws.  So far I've been unwilling to risk losing both
my tongs and my army knife in an experiment.

Does anyone know of any snipping tools with a 24" reach?  I would be
willing to buy the surgical scissors that Amano uses, but I still don't
think I could reach my plants and see what I was doing at the same time.

Any ideas?  Thanks for any responses. Steve Dixon

In sunny San Francisco (where it finally has stopped raining).