Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #432

> From: "WebServices " <RAshman at msn_com>
> Date: Mon, 6 Jan 97 07:21:54 UT
> Subject: Ghost Shrimp
> I found on a pet supply place (www.ggfx.com) a VERY wide variety of live 
> foods... Everyone might want to check it out. A question: they have ghost 
> shrimp for sale, approximately 400-500 per "portion". Would it be o.k. to add some
> of these guys to my tank? What would they do? Bad good?
I am thoroughly enjoying my dozen ghost shrimp in my 33 gal 
freshwater plant tank. They are very industrious scavangers, and 
certainly do eat some algae. An interesting aspect of them is that 
whatever they have eaten appears, apparently in their stomachs, up 
behind their heads! The colour is quite dramatic.

They also seem to attack Malysian Trumpet snails, or at least, they 
are certainly adroit at cleaning out the shells of dead ones. They 
also are amazingly quick at catching and eating live brine shrimp.

All in all, a fascinating addition to the ecosystem in my tank.


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