Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #426

> From: Christian Cotichini <ccoti at mail_bc.rogers.wave.ca>
> Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 02:09:39 -0800
> Subject: Water quality message.
> I've setup a planted, 48 gallon tank two months ago and have
> let it cycle.  When I set up the tank I put in 8 black neon
> tetras who seem to have done very well through the cycling.
> I also  put in about 12 potted plants from 6 species
> (names unknown).
> When I first got the tank I tested the local water (I'm in
> Vancouver, BC) and found the following:
> pH = 6.0
> Hardness (ca, mg) = 0-10ppm (very soft)
> After discussing this with the aquarium store they said that
> I should raise my pH.  They gave me a 2 (1 lb.?) bags of
> dolomite (sp.?) and told me to add this to the gravel when I
> set up the  tank  They said nothing about the hardness.
> 1) Is the dolomite solution recommended to me going to work?
> With such a low hardness, isn't my pH going to be too
> susceptible to fluctuations?  With the dolomite in the
> gravel I won't  have any way of regulating it's affect.
> What are my other options for achieving a stable pH of
> 6.6-6.8?

Adding dolomite is not a bad way to buffer your water. It's the
quantities that are all wrong here though: I use less than 1/4
cup for 125 gallons! With 2 lbs in 48 gallons I'm afraid you
will soon have a pH of around 8.0, and the only remedy is to
remove it.

Glen Osterhout