Emersed tank

I'm getting ready to startup a 10 gallon emersed tank, as I'm very interested 
in trying this... I'll have 3 - 5 inches of over the substrate (any 
suggestions for CHEAP substrate?) Can someone help me with some plants that 
will do good? What about certain crypts, certain swords, lizards tail, etc.? 

Please give me enough suggestions to nicely stock this tank with some plants 
that will do good emersed...

Also, as far as fertilizer and nutrients is concerned. If these plants grow 
emersed, then they're going to want their nutrients from the roots, not from 
the water, right? Soooo, what should I use as substrate? What should I put in 
the substrate? Since there won't be any fish, I don't have to worry about 
fertilizers (i.e. "garden section" fertilizers) that would be toxic to the 

So basically, what's some good plants, as well as a good substrate and 
fertilization method? Thanks!